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"The Passage" is a first-person exploration game set in a cold forest of a post apocalyptic world. You suddenly run out of gas in a distant area and your only way out is to search for 2 gas canisters in the area to help you on your journey, but... beware of the creatures in the forest.

This game was made in 7-days for learning purposes.

Updated 6 days ago
Published 8 days ago
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Short, tense, Thriller
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The Passage V1.2.zip 135 MB


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I really loved your game. Keep up the good work! <3

العبة جيدة جدا خاصة الموسيقى فيها و كانت ستكون افضل لو انك اضفت خريطة للعبة و سيكون جيد لو جعلت الاعداء يتركونك بعد ان تبتعد عنهم

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It's a sunny day.

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Wow, this is a really good game! I love the graphics and the soundtrack is so goood :) I absolutely enjoyed playing this. The only thing is that the map seems too big because when you first start playing it some people will get bored if they don't find anything. Either add more interestent points or make the map smaller. Good luck with this project :) I think this could be a really good game and it has a lot of potential :) Also is there any way to contact you in private :)

Thank you for your constructive comment!! Do you have discord ?

Yes. Add me Tudypie#9855


The soundtrack and the graphics are really neat :)


Thank you, i'm glad you liked it!


Buen juego me da escalofríos por que siento que en un momento algo cambiará o un scremer sigue así 


Pretty basic over all, but I liked the environment and the music was also great, good work :)


Glad you liked it and thanks for playing and making a video!


The music, landscape, and lighting are really cool. The Ghouls made it thrilling but not overwhelming and there were enjoyable snippets of lore here and there as well.

Thank you for playing and i will do my best in the in the upcoming games and updates!


Comments below the clip

Wow. What a game. It took me places, as I had the feeling of running through the woods for real. I loved the atmosphere and the music, and if you did all this in just 7 days, I wonder what you can create in 70. A big thumbs up! Well done, and looking forward to more of your work.

Thank you alot for playing the game and making a video!! I am glad you enjoyed the game and i will do my best to make better games soon!

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@ GTrouble,

You go on and make whatever you think is best. You've got a knack for what I believe is the right thing. Just follow your instincts.

I'm out here to support your efforts.


I know when I spot talent, and you've got the right thing [imho].

In normal life I'd give you a hug [as a token of my appreciation], but in this virtual world, well...

There you go...

Thank you very much!!


It's a very pleasant game with chillinmusicbreathtaking landscapes and unearthly monsters lurking through the map.  This game managed to travel me to another reality because of its unique gameplay style and numerous of "secret" (lore) notes that this game has hidden!!!


Thank you for your nice words, i hope you enjoyed the game!!


Really like the atmosphere of this game and the music! Hope you will expand more on it lots of potential for it and its story :) 
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Thank you! i hope you enjoyed the game, i will be fixing the game's bugs and in the future i might add more content :D


Nice game! Even with monsters looking for me, it still felt very tranquil.

Thank you for playing and making this video, i fixed some bugs and the player's starting position!